Medieval London

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Hanging Metal Lamp

hanging oil lamp in church copy.jpg

Medieval lamps were made of different materials, including glass, ceramic, or stone. They were also built in different shapes and figures and made to…

Contributors: Manuel Avila



The whetstone, sometimes referred to as a honestone, was a common object in medieval London, and it was used primarily for sharpening knives and other…

Contributors: Austin Andrews-Sanchez

Bone pen

Pens were incredibly important for the process of creating books and illuminations in the medieval era because the strenuous process of creating a…

Contributors: Selin Berberoglu

Mirror Case

mirror case 1.jpg

The word “mirror” derives from the Latin word “mirare” which means “to look at.” From Latin, it translated into…

Contributors: Tatiana DiBucci


Canterbury Tales.png

The printed book was an important and valuable item in late medieval London. This copy ofThe Chronicles of England, a widely successful history of the…

Contributors: Katherine Smith

Drinking Glass; Beaker

Drinking Glass: Globular Beaker.png

Glass drinking beakers are household items used as tableware throughout the Middle Ages in England, primarily during the high to late medieval…

Contributors: Klea Lisi

Grocer's Company Crest

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 4.00.15 PM.png

Medieval corbels were known for their beautiful and detailed designs, regularly referencing nature, wildlife, or organizations. Typically made out of…

Contributors: Aaron Banasiewicz

Posy Ring


In the Middle Ages, 'posy' denotes short rhymes or mottos that were engraved on lovers’ rings. The inscriptions on the posy ring were a sign of…

Contributors: Erin Gray


die MOL.jpg

Loaded dice were all too common in medieval London. This set of 24 cubic die from the late fifteenth century is a perfect example of the kind of…

Contributors: Rebecca Erwin

Seal Matrix


Seals were common items in medieval England, used by many different social classes. They were utilized for a variety of exchanges, the most frequent…

Contributors: Amanda Zimmer

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